Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones

Dogs left to fend for themselves in a natural world have no difficulty identifying what?s good to eat. Their diet includes anything that creeps, crawls, wriggles, runs, swims and flies. I applaud you if you can find whole carcasses of other animals as food for your pet. However, in our modern world we need to look for alternatives. And in this regard a raw meaty bones and table scrap diet works wonders.

As with any new venture the better informed we are the easier the task. Also, when well informed, fears tend to fade into insignificance. FEAR, by the way, is an acronym for False Expectations Appearing Real. Fortunately, dogs seldom share our fears and wolf down the first raw meaty bone they are offered.

The Diet Guide provides lists of suitable raw meaty bones and offal. Table scraps can be almost anything from your own plate with notable exceptions such as cooked bones, onion, garlic and raisins.

Circumstances vary and dogs come in different ages and sizes. However, some generalisations apply.


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